Odorantes, oh wow.

Traipsing through St Germain this week with Captain I made my way to the most beautiful flower shop in Paris.

Birds, amnesia roses, beautiful greys and heavenly owners.

With my set design background this was a total gawpfest…they change the look constantly with different props which is right up my rue. March is back to blacks with lots of magpies littered amongst black urns, candles hidden under glass cloches, slate greys and pastel pink ranuncs and roses. A sort of Tippi Hedren meets Bardot on a rainy pavement vibe…

I’ve been waxing about this place for so long so it was brilliant to go and hang out with Emmanuel Sammartino and Christophe HervĂ© (they both have really sparkly eyes too so you just know they’re dead creative!), and for our wedding in France are definitely going to be called upon for inspiration.

This is also Sofia Coppola’s favourite flower shop and if you find yourself wandering near 9 Rue Madame, 75006 Paris… go, go go.